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This is Kenya Local-Page. CarPriceNet have actively traded with buyer in Kenya.

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Thank you so much !

Vehicle Model :  Nissan Note | Country : kenya


I received the car I chose and paid for. I am satisfied and happy with the condition of car.

Oct 12, 2012

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Import Procedure

Please find the car in this web-site
If you find the car you want to buy, please send an inquiry to our company
Please negotiate with our Sales-Consultant through e-mail or telephone
Request Proforma Invoice
We will inform you the following things.

Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Origina Document, Inspection
You receive the order

Import Regulation

Shipping Destination ports Mombasa
Age restriction Information All vehicles must not be more than 8years old from the year of first registration i.e. 2011 cars from June 2004 are approved for importation.
Road worthiness Inspection All vehicles imported to Kenya must be a right hand drive except for special purpose e.g. ambulance and fire engine.
Import taxes rates All used vehicles imported into Kenya must be inspected to ensure road worthiness, safety and other requirements. The road worth inspection is done by JEVIC, it is Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre, before being shipped to Kenya
Import taxes rates
Type of Taxes charge Percentage
Import Duty 25% of CIF
Excise Duty 20%
VAT 16% of VAT value
Cumulative Taxes on all vehicles 76.75% of dutiable value
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