Car Next Japan

Seller's Message

We are Japanese used car exporter. I want to do good business with you.
Thank you very much.
TEL: +81-6-6282-7321
Skype: cmmanagement.japan

Why can good condition cars be sell?

Our company mechanic staff check the car before shipment. If car trouble, He repair the car, And he check the car again, So we can ship good condition cars only to any customer.

And Customers can buy good condition cars from us!!

Why is the car of Car Next Japan a cheap price?

Yes, Yes, We can sell good condition cars to customer for cheap price. Because we buy the car from Japanese user direct. Any other Japanese exporters buy the car from Japanese auto auctions. May you know.

Then this brand is Car Next Japan "KAITORI KUN"

How many cars are sold?

We are ship over 1,000 unit per year. To east africa, europe, pakistan, carribian, canada, nz, asia.
Any customer can offer to Car Next Japan!!

Tel: +81-6-6282-7321

Seller's Information

Address 〒 541-00522-3-13 Osaka International building 28F Chuo-ku Osaka Japan JAPAN
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(Japan Time)
TEL+81-6-6282-7321Please say "I ask it with seeing CarPriceNet."